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Functional Food Education

Subscription Service for FFC Publications

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Functional Foods Education 

Who You Are: A registered dietitian or nutritionist, graduated student, who wants to learn and teach their patients/customers about using functional foods

What This Is: A two-week, flexible training course with medical and professional benefits

Using functional foods to impart a concrete health benefit has obvious clinical appeal. Management of chronic conditions through a patient’s regular diet, rather than by a pharmaceutical regimen, can improve compliance and reduce costs. And with the aging populations and epidemic “lifestyle” diseases of industrialized nations, demand for such accessible and effective treatment will only increase.

As the premier institution for functional food research and application, the Functional Food Center’s mission includes educating professionals and the public about functional food’s promise and challenges. We now offer a training and certification package for registered dietitians and nutritionists, helping them apply functional food science to their practice and share this knowledge with their patients. Please click here for more details.

Subscription Service for FFC Publications

Who You Are: A busy member of the functional food community, who wants to keep up with new developments

What This Is: Fresh FFC books and conference materials, almost effortlessly

The Functional Food Center aims to keep its members apprised of developments in the field of functional foods and bioactive compounds through regular international conferences and peer-edited publications. Because sharing new research amongst the community is a vital task, FFC now offers a subscription service for our publications and conference proceedings.

Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases is the Center’s ongoing review publication, presenting interdisciplinary work from hundreds of functional food researchers on basic bioactive principles and health applications. Since these books are published based on the availability of quality research, the subscription is a payment service rather than an annual fee. Subscribed members are automatically billed and will receive the latest volume of Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases as it is published. Please click here for more details.

Industry Consultation: Functional Food Market Analysis 

Who You Are: A small-to-medium sized food company, bringing a functional food product to market

What This Is: Three months of expert research and recommendations on your next step

Just as the Functional Food Center supports academic investigators performing critical research, it also serves corporations in their work to bring functional food products to market. In this specialized arm of the agribusiness sector, it pays to have an outside perspective on your product in potentia and the market your startup or growing company will be competing in. FFC can connect you to this resource amongst its 450,000 academic and industrial readers, providing you with experienced and confidential direction for your company. Please click here for more details.

Consultation for Academics 

Who You Are: A principal investigator with promising clinical results for a functional food

What This Is: Informational resources on producing your food at scale, and a food industry expert’s review and advice on what you need to bring it to market

The corporate environment can be an alien space for institutional researchers, as they seek a path for their functional food onto the consumer’s plate. The Functional Food Center, in its mission to develop foods as a profitable therapeutic vector, thousands of industry and institutional figures whose collective experience can help you take those first steps towards a marketable product.

Similar to our Prospectus for Your Products and Markets package for food industrialists, Pipettes to Products provides the diligence of FFC members to confidentially analyze your plans for future commercialization. Please click here for more details.

Functional Food Certification

Who You Are: A functional food producer looking to attract and retain customer loyalty

What It Is: The Functional Food Center’s seal of approval to verify your product claims

After the years of laboratory research, clinical trials, market analysis, and product development, your functional food is ready for sale. Your product can help the American consumer live a healthier, better life, and you want them to know it. With Certification from the Functional Food Center, dietitians, patients, and the public can trust that your functional food lives up to the pitch.

Certification comes from examination of peer-reviewed publications in multiple journals, demonstrating the safe and efficacious use of your product to meet this definition. Panels of ASFFBC members will confer for three to six months for this analysis, in a process parallel to the Japanese FOSHU designation* and article submission to scientific journals. Since the Certification critiera are drawn from FOSHU and FDA policies regarding health benefit claims for foods, the Certification process can also prepare your company and product for later application for government recognition.*

A more detailed description of the Certification process can be found here.

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