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DEAR COLLEAGUES: We are very pleased to announce the 7th International Conference “Functional Foods in the Prevention and Management of Metabolic Syndrome" at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

  Welcome to SMU in Dallas, TX, USA


The conference will bring together experts in medicine, biology, and the food industry to discuss the contribution of functional foods in the prevention and management of Metabolic Syndrome.


  1. Definition of Metabolic Syndrome (MS);
  2. Components of MS;
  3. Clinical  outcomes of MS;
  4. Functional  foods for the MS   components (Prevention of MS);
  5. Clinical  management of Metabolic Syndrome;
  6. Functional foods for  diabetes (Management of MS);
  7. Functional Foods for Cardiovascular Disease (Management of MS);
  8. Dyslipidemia in Metabolic Syndrome (Low HDL, High TG, Average to low LDL, Atherogenic  Lipoprotein Particles);
  9. Functional  foods and Dyslipidemia;
  10. Modern diets for Metabolic Syndrome: prevention and control;
  11. Herbs and dietary supplements for the management of Metabolic Syndrome; 
  12. Functional foods for the prevention and management of Metabolic Syndrome.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: The deadline for abstracts is October 15, 2010. There is no fee for submitting a conference abstract. First authors are expected to register and pay the registration fee, attend the conference and make the presentation. An abstract must be submitted knowing that, if accepted by conference committee, it will be presented by the first author. The abstract publication fee without a conference registration is $49.00. Decisions on selection will be communicated to the authors via e-mail. All contributions will be reviewed and accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding book. Authors must pay the fee after their abstract has been accepted for publication. We offer a complete or partial fee waiver for authors who do not have funds to cover the publication fees. Submit all abstracts electronically via the website, using the link: or by e-mail, at in an attached file. Please see our sample abstract.

There is no charge for withdrawal of an abstract. If the first author cannot attend the conference and present, he or she must contact the conference organizing committee by e-mail at to provide notification of withdrawal or to request a substitute presenter. Withdrawals must be received before October 4th, 2010. Please note: Abstracts withdrawn after October 4th, 2010 will be published and the first author will be expected to pay the abstract publication fee. The conference provides neither financial support nor registration fee waivers for any presentations.  

To avoid the last-minute rush, submit your abstract in advance. Abstracts reaching the Conference Organizing Committee after September 4, 2010, 5:00 pm, will not be accepted. For any information concerning publications, please contact us at ffc_usa@sbcglobal.netFor more information about abstract submission please click here.

FULL ARTICLE SUBMISSIONThe deadline for articles is November 4, 2010, to submit manuscripts to the organizers. Early submissions are encouraged. Our books are available to all readers via Google and Amazon. We will provide free online access to our copies of the book. Functional Food Center requires authors to pay a publication fee, $295.00 per article. Authors must pay the fee after their paper has been accepted for publication. We offer a complete or partial fee waiver for authors who do not have funds to cover publication fees. Functional Food Center has no access to authors' payment information; the inability to pay will not influence the decision whether the article is published. There is no restriction on the numbers of pages, figures, tables and references in our books.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POSTER PRESENTATION: Conference Poster Presentations: Poster presentations provide give audience a clear visual of what the presenter is saying in a simple format. The reasonable size for posters is 2.5 – 3.0 feet high by 3.5 - 4.0 feet wide.

Poster presentation recommendations:

  1. The poster should clearly present the title, the author(s), affiliation(s), and a description of the research, highlighting the bstract's major elements.
  2. Remember that pictures, tables, and figures are key to any poster display.
  3. At least 50% of the surface area should be used for photos, graphs, diagrams.
  4. Good use of color; black or dark blue for text. Too much color can be hard to read!
  5. One or two large, high quality photographs attract attention.
  6. Make it the title large and clear. Include author(s) name(s) and address(es). Your poster title should be easily readable 3-4 meters away.
  7. We recommend the following sections on the poster: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Tables, Figures, Results and Conclusions.

For more information about poster session, please visit us at

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS or CEUs: The 7th International Conference on “Functional Foods in the Prevention and Management of Metabolic Syndrome" has maximum of 16 hours of CEU credits. Each medical specialist, dietitians and nutritionists should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the conference. 

COPIES FOR CONTRIBUTORS: We will furnish one copy of the collective work without charge, to the lead author of the article (Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases, volume 6). For the information about last year conference book, "Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases, Volume 5: Diabetes and related Diseases", please click here. 

GUIDANCE FOR AUTHORS: The best way to send your contributions is email, as an attached file. Our preferred word-processing format is Microsoft Word, version 6 or higher. Manuscripts must be single-spaced, in 12-point font (including the references and legends of tables and figures) on sheets of uniform size (preferably ISO A4 or 8 ½ x 11”) with wide margins. A title of up to 10 words (in all capitals), and the first and last name of the author, department, and organization’s address should also appear. If there is more than one establishment involved in the work, authors' names should be linked to the appropriate establishment by the use numbers or the symbols *, †, ‡, §, and ¶ in that order. A summary giving a bulleted outline of content should appear for the introduction.

If there are any abbreviations in your article, they should be placed in brackets after the full title on the first occasion they are used.

The main body of the paper should be divided into: (a) introduction; (b) experimental, including materials and methods; (c) results, with appropriate quantification and statistical treatment of data; (d) tables and figures; (e) discussion (f) acknowledgements, including details of financial support; (g) numbered references. It is often an advantage to combine (c), (d) and (e) to gain conciseness and clarity. The discussion section should not recapitulate the results, but only discuss their implications. References should not normally exceed 50, and 20–30 references are frequently adequate

REFERENCES: References in the paper must be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text. The list of references at the end of the paper should give all the author's names and initials unless there are more than 6 authors, in which case 'et al' is used for subsequent names. This is followed by the title, abbreviated according to the "List of Journals Indexed" in Index Medicus, the year of publication, the volume number, and the first and last page numbers. References to books should give the names of any editors, place of publication, publisher and year, in place of the journal information.

REGISTRATION FEES: The registration fee will cover the Conference Proceedings (Abstracts), and lunch and refreshments during conference days. It also covers one year of membership to the FFC.

Cancellation Policy: Two months before conference: 75% refund, 45 days before conference: 50% refund, one month before conference: No refund. Refund will be sent after the congress. Notice of cancellation of registration must be received in writing to the Conference Secretariat, at


Registration Category Fee                                      

Full Time Students* ($275 after November 1,2010)                             $175.00

RD, DPT, RN** ($375 after November 1, 2009)                                  $325.00

Registration Fees for  Academia ($545 after November 1,2010)          $495.00

Registration Fees for  Industry  ($695 after November1, 2010)            $595.00

Vendors                                         ($895 after November1, 2010)        $750.00

*To obtain the special fee for students, an approval letter signed by the head of the department, together with a copy of a valid student card must accompany the registration form (if registered on the website, please mail it to

**Letter of verification required by email.

Please note: space at this conference is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Special Hotel Pricing Available: Rooms have been reserved with the Radisson Hotel Central Dallas. The Radisson Hotel in Dallas, Texas is within walking distance to Mockingbird Station,“where the in crowd flocks”; an entertainment complex featuring restaurants, retail, a movie theater, nightlife and more. Within walking distance to SMU (Southern Methodist University), or simply walk one block to the nearest DART rail station.Indulge in world-class shopping at North Park Mall or visit the Dallas Art Complex for your taste of inspiration. Reservations for December 2-5 for the conference special rate of US $85 + tax, per night. This rate is available now through November 17th, 2010.  To make a reservation, please call (800)-333-3333 or E-mail and be sure to mention the "Functional Foods for Metabolic Syndrome Conference" in order to get the special rate of $85.00 per night. You may also find below the link that was created for our group to reserve your hotel room for the special rate. Also, you can go to and use the promotional code of FFCUSA.


Hotel Location:

6060 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, Texas 75206, USA

Phone: 214-750-6060

Fax: 214-750-5959


If you need information about parking spaces at SMU, please click here. For the Visitor Parking Map, click here. You may also contact SMU’s parking services coordinator Pam Thombury by phone at 214-768-7275 or 214-768-4250. Please be advised that there is no free parking on the SMU campus.

For more information about the conference, please contact us by E-mail at For international calls, please use (1)-469-441-8272.


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