Rotational Program at FFC

The Functional Food Center is proud to announce a new employment opportunity. FFC is now offering a one to two year rotational program to assist college graduates in learning more about the industry of functional foods as well as gaining knowledge in many other areas our company.  The program will guide participants in conference coordination, book publishing, journal article editing, grant writing, marketing, and more. Through this program, you will be communicating with professionals in the field of functional foods and collaborate with scientists internationally. You may be able to submit a joint article to FFHD peer-reviewed, open access journal. The goal of the FFC rotational program is to provide participants with the experience and tools needed to succeed in the functional food industry and functional food science.

Participants will:

  • Have ongoing training for further development
  • Gain professional development
  • Learn a variety of different skills
  • Bring new ideas to the company
  • Apply learned skills firsthand

FFC realizes that not everyone knows exactly what to do after graduation and many people need time to explore their options. It is FFC’s goal to help those searching to find success in an area of interest through our rotational program. The rotational program is a part-time paid position that enables workers to gain insight on their future career.

This program is currently open to all those who have completed a minimum of 80 internship hours at FFC.

If you are interested in applying for this great opportunity please email to discuss further details about the program and create a personalized rotational program to fit your interests and abilities.

For more information on internships at FFC click here