Functional Food Certification: Endorsement from the FFC

Who You Are: A functional food producer looking to attract and retain customer loyalty

What It Is: The Functional Food Center’s seal of approval to verify your product claims

After the years of laboratory research, clinical trials, market analysis, and product development, your functional food is ready for sale. Your product can help the American consumer live a healthier, better life, and you want them to know it. With Certification from the Functional Food Center, dietitians, patients, and the public can trust that your functional food lives up to the pitch.

The Center defines functional foods as:

"natural or processed foods that contain known or unknown biologically-active compounds; which, in defined, effective non-toxic amounts, provide a clinically proven and documented health benefit for the prevention, management, or treatment of chronic disease".

Certification comes from examination of peer-reviewed publications in multiple journals, demonstrating the safe and efficacious use of your product to meet this definition. Panels of ASFFBC members will confer for three to six months for this analysis, in a process parallel to the Japanese FOSHU designation* and article submission to scientific journals. Since the Certification critiera are drawn from FOSHU and FDA policies regarding health benefit claims for foods, the Certification process can also prepare your company and product for later application for government recognition.*

Approval is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

The need for effective functional food therapies is growing. Certification from the Functional Food Center will show that your product can meet this need, and the needs of those it will serve.

*FFC has modeled its Certification procedure after the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s FOSHU designation, and FDA requirements regarding health claims for consumer food products (21 CFR 101.70). They are not identical, and FFC Certification is not legally equivalent to governmental agency approval in any jurisdiction.