Conference Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

The Functional Foods Center (FFC) holds major international conferences every year. Scientists, researchers and food industry professionals can present their latest research and discoveries about functional foods and bioactive compounds for the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, CVD, obesity and cancer.

Involvement with our conferences is the best way to connect with other members, build relationships, showcase your talents and acquire new skills. Above all, you will help the FFC achieve its mission:

  • To increase global awareness of functional foods and their ability to improve overall health and wellness
  • To inspire cross-discipline collaborations and educate a diverse professional population including scientists, medical doctors, dietitians and other food industry professionals. In addition, to help them direct their research towards the development of a wide variety of alternative practical applications (such as functional and medical food products), where it can have the most impact to improve health and save lives.
  • To create a strong network of support among an internationally diverse spectrum of health professionals attracted to membership in our organization

Much of the success of the conference rests on the efficient and consistent execution by our Conference Committee Members and we thank you for agreeing to assume such high responsibility.

We include general information about roles and responsibilities below. Additional duties, specific to each conference, will be delegated by the Conference Chair.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Conference Chair 

The Conference Chair is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the execution of all aspects relating to the conference. Although a great responsibility, the Conference Chair role is highly respected, and a valuable service to the research community. The Chair has different responsibilities beginning before the actual conference and ending with assisting the event. He/she selects the conference committees' members and coordinates the activities of the committees, encouraging abstract/manuscript submission, expediting reviewing processes, presiding over conference sessions, and providing a post-conference report.

Conference Chairs are expected to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, as they are the primary source of information for the conference operations.

Scientific Program Committee 

The Scientific Program Committee is responsible for planning a conference program built around a theme agreed upon by the Conference Chair.

Responsibilities include:

  • Determining conference themes and session topics
  • Assisting Conference Chairs in soliciting abstracts
  • Participating in the abstract/manuscript review processes
  • Nominating speakers/presenters to be invited
  • Minimizing subject overlap

The ideal Ccientific Program Committee includes a range of well-established and recognized experts in the field of prevention and management of chronic diseases from academia, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and private industries.

New committee members will replace inactive committee members as well as those who are rotating off.

Session Chair

An attentive, well-prepared Session Chair helps make certain that the speakers give high quality presentations and ensure their sessions are managed properly and remain on schedule. Session chairs will evaluate and recommend presentation proposals for their session, introduce the session topic and presenter, moderate the open discussion period at the end of the session, and fill in an open time slot with a fallback paper or open forum if a presenter cancels last minute. The Session Chair will need also need to submit a written session summary covering the main points and themes brought out in the papers and discussions, along with any subsequent questions.

Invited Oral Presenters

The Conference Chair or Program Committee will contact oral presenters and indicate whether they will be serving as a general session speaker or as a keynote speaker. For every conference, specialist speakers will be selected to present papers on themes within the scope of the conference.  All efforts should be made to select renowned experts who are well-established within their fields. The Conference Chair or Program Committee will contact oral presenters and provide them with relevant details of the session topic.

Guidelines for Oral Presenters:

  • Stick to the agreed theme
  • Try to stimulate and generate discussion
  • To facilitate understanding (especially for international attendees) -speak slowly and clearly

We do not finance travel expenses for invited presenters; however, we offer discounts or waivers on the conference registration fee for keynote speakers. Waiver requests will be approved on a case by case basis.

FFC provides a high level of staff support to everyone involved in our conferences.  Our staff will work closely with all members and provide guidance to ensure a successful event.  Questions and concerns may be directed to our Conference Chairs, as they are the best resource for information pertaining to the entire conference. We encourage you to provide feedback on how we can make your experience organizing an FFC conference a rewarding one.

We offer a special discount on the conference registration fee for all Organizing Committee Members. Your participation is vital to FFC’s success. Thank you again for your help.