Functional Food Textbook Volume 3: Functional Foods and Cancer


Part one: Cancer Biology and Dietary Factors

Chapter1. Epidemiology of cancer

Chapter 2. Principles of oncology

Chapter 3. Cancer biomarkers: Strategies for early diagnosis

Chapter 4. Risk Factors:

a)    Dietary factors which may increase the risk of cancer

b)    Dietary factors which may reduce the risk of cancer

Chapter 5. Nutrition during and after cancer therapy

Part two: Bioactive compounds and Cancer

Chapter 6: Bioactive compounds are the backbone for functional foods: Bioactive foods for cancer

Chapter 7: The effects of bioactive compounds on biomarkers of cancer

Chapter 8: The effects of different bioactive compounds on cancer

Chapter 9: Bioactive food components and functional foods for cancer chemoprevention

Chapter 10: The effects of functional foods on biomarkers of cancer


Part three: Functional foods in integrative oncology

Chapter 11: Functional foods enhancing immunity

Chapter 12: Functional foods for anti-metastasis and anti-angiogenesis

Chapter 13: Phytochemicals  and Herbal medicine in Oncology

Chapter 14: Functional food in Onco-metabolic management

Chapter 15: Functional foods and cancer management


Part four: Future opportunities for the diagnosis and management of cancer by food and nutrition

Chapter 16. Research and development of functional foods for specific type of cancer

Chapter 17. Nutrigenomics: implications for cancer prevention

Chapter 18. Nanotechnology and delivery of bioactive compounds for cancer   detection and therapy