Functional Food Education: FFC Training and Certification 

Who You Are: A registered dietitian, nutritionist, graduated student, scientist, medical doctor who wants to learn and teach their patients/customers about using functional foods

What This Is: A two-week, flexible training course with medical and professional benefits

Using functional foods to impart a concrete health benefit has obvious clinical appeal. Management of chronic conditions through a patient’s regular diet, rather than by a pharmaceutical regimen, can improve compliance and reduce costs. And with the aging populations and epidemic “lifestyle” diseases of industrialized nations, demand for such accessible and effective treatment will only increase.

As the premier institution for functional food education, research and application, the Functional Food Center’s mission includes educating professionals and the public about functional food’s promise and challenges. We now offer a training and certification package for registered dietitians and nutritionists, scientists, and graduate students helping them apply functional food science to their practice and share this knowledge with their patients/ customers

With graduate-level instruction–that you schedule to fit your needs–this course offers:

  • An Introduction to Functional Food Science, 3rd edition textbook for your reference and patient education ($295 value)
  • PowerPoint lessons that complement the textbook, equivalent to 3 weeks’ full-time instruction in a professional degree program, with self-assessment questions and online FFC certification exam* ($1500 value)
  • 1 year of complimentary membership in the Academic Society of Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds ($129 value for nutritionists and dieticians)
  • 1 complimentary registration for an International Conference of the FFC / International Symposium of the ASFFBC, within a year after certification ($495 value for ASFFBC members)

For $2400, Bringing Functional Foods to Your Practice fulfills a growing societal need for knowledgeable professionals in the functional foods field. FFC offers payment plans to help make this investment in your practice, and may also constitute a tax-deductible expense for your business education (consult IRS Publication 970 and your tax preparer for more information). Talk to us today about how being an FFC Certified professional benefits your work and those it will serve. 

Those seeking FFC certification alone may apply separately for an exam; please inquire about special fees for this service.