Subscription Service for FFC Publications

Who You Are: A busy member of the functional food community, who wants to keep up with new developments

What This Is: Fresh FFC books and conference materials, almost effortlessly

The Functional Food Center aims to keep its members apprised of developments in the field of functional foods and bioactive compounds through regular international conferences and peer-edited publications. Because sharing new research amongst the community is a vital task, FFC now offers a subscription service for our publications and conference proceedings.

Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases is the Center’s ongoing review publication, presenting interdisciplinary work from hundreds of functional food researchers on basic bioactive principles and health applications. Since these books are published based on the availability of quality research, the subscription is a payment service rather than an annual fee. Subscribed members are automatically billed and will receive the latest volume of Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases as it is published.

With 25-30 presentations on functional foods and bioactive compounds, each International Conference of the FFC is another prime source of news in the field. For those who cannot attend or would like references for the future, subscribers also receive the PowerPoint presentations delivered at each conference as they become available (subject to presenter approval).

Each copy of Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases will cost $190 (a 20% discount from regular price), and subscription and lecture slides are available for no additional fee, and. Subscribe today and receive the best that functional foods research has to offer without even clicking a checkout button.

And finally, the Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease is now available in full-color printed format, and can be added to your subscription. Please click here to see a sample of journal issue (Volume 1: Issue: 1,2,3; Pages; 1-117).