Industry Consultation

Who You Are: A small-to-medium sized food company, bringing a functional food product to market

What This Is: Three months of expert research and recommendations on your next step

Just as the Functional Food Center supports academic investigators performing critical research, it also serves corporations in their work to bring functional food products to market. In this specialized arm of the agribusiness sector, it pays to have an outside perspective on your product in potentia and the market your startup or growing company will be competing in. FFC can connect you to this resource amongst its 450,000 academic and industrial readers, providing you with experienced and confidential direction for your company.

For best results, we ask that you furnish FFC with:

  • the supporting research and preliminary data for your product,
  • a product sample, if possible,
  • your planned production methods,
  • and how you plan on verifying your health benefit claims,

which we then route to the relevant FFC members to research and review. This is extremely sensitive information you’re entrusting to us, and we protect your business interests through strict confidentiality agreements with reviewing members who have no conflicting interests. And in three months, you’ll receive a prospectus of your intended market, your product, and what the next steps your company should take in its development.

FFC will also provide our peer-reviewed and proven collection of bioactive compound analyses, product formulations for stability and bioavailability, and food composition concepts for you to use going forward. This collection can be a valuable resource of practical considerations to protect your value proposition, and adding additional health benefits to improve it.

Should you perform more clinical trials? Are you claiming benefits that your data support? What would make your product more appealing to the consumer? FFC can give your company something invaluable: an unbiased second opinion*. Talk to us today about what the functional food community can do to help you succeed.

*FFC provides this service as a strategic aid for corporate entities. Although we strive for accuracy and utility of our services, FFC does not underwrite the advice of its reviewers.