Academic Consultation

Who You Are: A principal investigator with promising clinical results for a functional food

What This Is: Informational resources on producing your food at scale, and a food industry expert’s review and advice on what you need to bring it to market

The corporate environment can be an alien space for institutional researchers, as they seek a path for their functional food onto the consumer’s plate. The Functional Food Center, in its mission to develop foods as a profitable therapeutic vector, thousands of industry and institutional figures whose collective experience can help you take those first steps towards a marketable product.

Similar to our Prospectus for Your Products and Markets package for food industrialists, Pipettes to Products provides the diligence of FFC members to confidentially analyze your plans for future commercialization. For best results, we ask that you furnish FFC with:

  • the supporting research and preliminary data for your bioactive compound,
  • what you envision as its intended market,
  • and how you see the item being mass-produced,

which we then route to the relevant FFC members to research and review. We understand the crucial sensitivity of information entrusted to us, and your interests are protected through strict confidentiality agreements with members who have no conflicting interests. And after three months of analysis, you will receive reports and advice on the commercial potential of your functional food and what you will need to realize that potential.

FFC will also provide our peer-reviewed and proven collection of bioactive compound analyses, product formulations for stability and bioavailability, and food composition concepts for you to use going forward. This collection can be a valuable resource of practical considerations to protect your value proposition, and adding additional health benefits to improve it.

FFC’s Pipettes to Products service will improve the commercial prospects of your hard-won findings and your SBIR, STTR, or NIH grant application’s attractiveness*. Talk to us today about what the functional food community can do to help you succeed.

  • FFC provides this service as a strategic aid for institutional researchers. Although we strive for accuracy and utility of our services, FFC does not underwrite the advice of its reviewers or claim that use of this service will guarantee grant approval.