Become a Certified Functional Food Scientist Today

Would you like to further your education on functional foods while earning a certificate? Becoming a Certified Functional Food Scientist through the Functional Food Center may be the perfect option for you! Becoming a Certified Functional Food Scientist can set you apart from other employees and showcase your success and education in functional foods. Not only will you be able to renew your certification every few years to show you are continuing your education on functional foods but you may be earning credit already!

Why FFC?

The Functional Food Center is the leading organization in the world for developing functional foods. Since 1998 FFC has focused entirely on functional foods by hosting 21 international conferences around the globe, upholding an open-access journal for more than 7 years, publishing 25 books including 3 textbooks on functional foods and establishing the Academic Society of ASFFBC with more than 2,000 scientists. The functional food center has developed the well known definition of functional foods and can assist you in your functional food career.

So why should you become a Certified Functional Food Scientist? Functional foods are on the rise for popularity by the fact that they can be used in everyday life. They contain bioactive compounds that provide proven health benefits to help prevent, manage, and treat chronic diseases. By furthering your education in functional foods you will become a more up-to-date scientist and possess the knowledge of functional foods in your career. There are many benefits to earning your certification as listed below.

Benefits to Becoming a Certified Functional Food Scientist

Becoming a Certified Functional Food Scientist sets you apart from other employees from your knowledge of functional foods. By demonstrating an understanding of functional foods you will be able to use these skills in the workplace.

  • You will be seen as a higher professional for learning new skills and staying up to date on the latest research
    Your academic and work background will be of greater quality and more diverse than others
    You will be able to be a better marketer in the field of functional foods by showing interest and commitment to the subject
  • A functional food scientist covers topics that relate to multiple practices such as those for dieticians, physicians, students, researchers and of course those directly in the food science field
    Not only are be able to present your achievements as a certificate but you will be emerged in the functional food community
  • Added on the Functional Food Center’s website and is verified that you have the credentials and certification as Functional Food Scientist
  • Certification could be used to enhance chances of obtaining a university grant, contribute knowledge in writing articles, and gain recognition in hospitals and health care settings
  • By earning your certification your name will also be added to the FFC website as a way to showcase your accomplishments

Ways to Earn Credit

To become a Certified Functional Food Scientist you must earn at least 60 credits within 3 years. There are many ways to earn credit to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist. The best way to learn is to attend lectures or do work directly in the field. The following are acceptable ways to earn your credits to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist.

  • The Functional Food Center’s International Conferences are a great way to gain many credits at once. The amount of hours you are attending the conference (excluding breaks) will determine how many credits you will earn. Our International Conferences typically take 2 days with each day being 8-9 hours long. By attending two days of conferences you will be earning 16-18 credits. We understand that oral and poster presenters put a great amount of time studying functional foods and would like to honor those speakers with an additional 5 credits per conference. 
  • Reviewing the FFHD journal articles and book chapters will allow you to earn credit as well. You can receive 2 credits for each journal article  review and 2 credits for each book chapter review.
  • Contributions to the FFHD journal articles and book chapters also can earn you credit. We believe that writing and publishing articles and chapters requires great knowledge in the subject of functional foods. You can earn up to 5 credits per article.
  • The Functional Food Center has internships each year. Internships average around 200 hours from partner universities. If you complete an internship with FFC you will gain 60 credit hours that can be used towards your certification as a Certified Functional Food Scientist.
  • The Functional Food Center offers courses directly relating to functional foods and their advancements. By successfully completing a FFC course, you will gain all 60 credits needed to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist.
  • Teaching or studying Functional Food related courses using our textbooks (amount of credit hours will depend on how many academic hours are spent).
  • Teaching Functional Food and Nutrition courses at your university

How much does it cost to be a Certified Functional Food Scientist?

To become a Certified Functional Food Scientist, pricing starts at $400. If you are a student or a member of ASFFBC then you can become certified at only $300! Certifications are good for 3 years. To continue your education and renew your certification after three years, you will need to obtain 20 credits per year and then apply for renewal. Also, with your certification you will receive two of FFC textbooks, including the Introduction to Functional Foods and Functional Foods for Chronic Disease, to assist you in furthering your education in functional foods. Textbooks typically cost $295, but with certification you will receive them free of charge as a learning material! This offer of two free FFC textbooks is only valid for 30 days from the date of this proposal (July 1st, 2017)

How Do I Become Certified?

Before earning your certification you must be able to provide proof of credit. Credit hours should further your understanding of functional foods and how they can be implemented. To show your eligibility please email with your name, number of earned hours, how you earned those hours and when you would like to set up your interview process. The interview process is in place of an official exam to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist. The interview will be to prove that you have basic knowledge of functional foods including biomarkers, bioactive compounds, chronic diseases relating to functional foods, and how you have researched or implement functional foods in the workplace. We will then discuss how you will be using your functional food knowledge and assist you if needed. After receiving a confirmation email from FFC stating that you are eligible to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist you will visit our online store at You can then add the “Functional Food Scientist Certification” to your cart and follow the prompts for further payment.

Upholding Professional Conduct

After earning your certification as a Functional Food Scientist it is expected that uphold a professional code of ethics. These ethics include but are not limited to:

  • Be truthful about credits earned and ensure that they directly relate to functional foods
  • Strive for continuous learning and further education in the field
  • Use credentials properly
  • While holding a certificate be engaged in current news and updates about functional foods. One way to do this is to follow the FFC newsletter as well as continuously reading FFHD journal articles. Though these will not count toward credit hours you will gain a further understanding of the topics being addressed in the functional food community.

Take the steps to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist today!